Despite having been born deaf in one ear, I knew at the very early age of 5 that I wanted to pursue the world of drums via my stepfather Gene Fitzgerald. Gene was a successful sessions player in the Memphis, TN area back in the 60s and 70’s who performed and recorded with the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis, etc.

It was Gene’s professional guidance that gave me a quick head start into the world of drumming, building that solid base for growth. I began to show signs of loyalty to the craft. I was the kid always walking around with a pair of drumsticks in my back pocket. I would often stop to tap on anything to get a sense of different tones, wrist development and learning to hear with the use of only one ear, etc.

I elected to further my music education during my junior high/high school years as a member of the school’s music department. I earned the distinguished title of Drum Captain during my senior year. Shortly after high school, I began to get my feet wet in the west Tennessee area working with several local/regional music groups.

I began writing, performing and recording on a regular basis and didn’t stop there. Over the next several years, I became a well-known drummer within the West Tennessee area. I became a sought after drummer and was offered many drum positions with local bands for over a decade.

I had corrective ear surgery at the age of 26. The surgery initially allowed me to hear out of my deaf ear, from birth, for the very first time in my life. Having developed a different approach to hearing and music skills with the use of only one ear made me focus deeper than I would have before with the use of two. I went on to write, record and perform at a professional level.

One of my most memorable works was with a Tennessee group ‘Trash The Brand’ – a 3-piece band that’s noted to have their own sound known as swampabilly – a mixture of several different southern music styles combined into one.

Trash the Brand’s original music quickly began to gain great music reviews, label attention, and can be listen to and purchased through

Trash the Brand and Saving Abel shared the same management company. Under the skilled management of Silent Majority Group (via Jeff Hanson) Creed, Sevendust Alter Bridge, Paramore, Tantric, Candlebox, etc.) my professional music career launched to new heights. 

Upon the departure of Saving Abel’s former drummer, the band and management offered me the position. In December 2013, I became the new drummer for rock band Saving Abel and we began touring immediately. Saving Abel gained success with such radio hits as “Addicted”, “18 Days”, Drowning (Face Down), The Sex is Good, etc. During my time with Saving Abel, I performed almost nightly across the U.S.A. We toured coast-to-coast, as well as touring overseas.

Saving Abel released the 10-track album, Blood Stained Revolution, on November 11, 2014. I was honored to be a part of this release.

Since joining Saving Abel, the band’s Facebook and other social media bases gained well over 250,000 additional followers, peaking at the 800,000 mark during my tenure as the band’s drummer. 

During the summer of 2021, the original lead singer for Saving Abel returned to the band. That transition brought about many changes, including a new drummer.

Scotty Austin, lead vocals for Saving Abel from 2014-2021, and my former bandmate in Trash the Brand, opted to pursue a solo career. In addition, he brought along his longtime friend, (me!) Saving Abel drummer Steven Pulley.

Through April 2024, we were out touring the USA once again and enjoying the crazy ride along with all of our loyal and incredible fans. To say I love my job is an understatement. I had been given the opportunity to perform night after night and I treasure every performance.

As May 2024 commences, I am taking a break to spend time with my family. It’s a wild and crazy ride and sometimes you have to just have to step aside and smell the roses. Peace out, for now!

First Drum Set
Trash The Brand
Saving Abel (2013-2021)